HCI’s farmland investment management services provide investors with direct ownership in farmland and an executive team who will provide a turnkey management solution. Our experience has given us a unique market position and a comprehensive understanding of investing in this asset class. As both an owner of farmland, and a farm operator, HCI can effectively manage your operating risk and maximize your return on investment.

HCI believes that properly invested and managed, farmland investment will hold long-term value for generations to come. HCI will strive to provide you with the benefits of its experience gained from its disciplined farmland ownership strategy.

  • Why Farmland?

    HCI believes farmland is a real return asset class as it has historically been effective in protecting capital from inflation while generating an attractive income stream that grows over time. We believe that farmland:

    • Has no significant obsolescence, depreciation, maintenance or capital expenditure
    • Offers better returns with less risk in comparison to S&P/TSX Index tracked investments or gold
    • Provides great diversification by having no significant correlation with the S&P/TSX Index
    • Has the potential to earn private equity type rates of return in the right environment
    • Has the potential for tax efficient returns as the majority of farmland returns have historically been realized through capital appreciation
    • Has non-amortizing mortgages which allows for predictable cash flow management
    • Has a capital restricted investing environment where most publicly traded REITS and pension funds cannot presently invest.

    HCI believes these features make farmland an ideal asset class to grow wealth in a meaningful way with a long-term investment.

  • The Asset Class

    HCI’s research suggests that farmland has historically provided long-term investors with an opportunity to improve their returns while diversifying their risk.

  • The Returns

    HCI’s research also suggests that investing in farmland has also provided capital protection and appreciation, with lower volatility, that has exceeded investing in gold along with an income stream that gave stronger income distribution than investing in S&P/TSX Index tracked investments.

  • The HCI Reputation

    HCI believes it has a reputation of integrity in the agriculture and investment industries for a reason.

    HCI’s perspective is that it executes a disciplined farmland acquisition, management, and disposition strategy. With our own investments, we are patient when we perceive markets to be overvalued and we are opportunistic when we recognize value.

    HCI and its affiliates have a track record dating back to 2002 of successful farmland investment and management. We understand that we have completed more farmland transactions than any other investor in western Canada.

    As a single family office, HCI understands the challenges of managing wealth because we face those same challenges as well.

  • HCI’s Strategy

    The following are five key investment axioms that HCI believes western Canadian farmland investment meets:

    1. Long Investment Time Horizon: We expect farmland investing will maintain and grow wealth over the long-term. We believe farmland is a valuable component in any portfolio designed and managed to last over multiple generations.
    2. Desire for Sustainable “Real” Income: We believe farmland provides a current income while preserving value and providing an inflation hedged asset and income stream for the foreseeable future.
    3. Access to Top Management: We understand that HCI is one of the largest private farmland investment managers in Canada and believe that its track record and range of available services to help you source and then manage farmland is unsurpassed.
    4. Long Term Investment Advantage: Demand for agricultural commodities from developing economies is projected to continue to expand as the countries in that category achieve dramatic increases in their standards of living. We believe the agricultural investment theme is still in its infancy with global population not expected to peak until 2050.
    5. Invest in Politically Stable Jurisdictions: We believe the supply of farmland for investment in politically stable countries with high quality infrastructure and good access to international markets is limited. We understand that Western Canada represents one of the few jurisdictions in the world where this kind of investing can be done for prices reflecting the agricultural value of the land.

    We believe that partnering with HCI can enable you to access the Western Canadian farmland market with the assistance of one of the first large scale farmland investors in that geographic region.

  • The Skills

    HCI expects to leverage its extensive agriculture network to source high quality farmland acquisition opportunities.

    HCI expects to continue to use its market access advantage throughout Western Canada and, in particular, the province of Saskatchewan, where HCI believes it can help you access a large pool of farmland at prices reflecting pure agricultural value.

    HCI farmland acquisitions strategy focuses on the intrinsic value of the land, looking to capitalize on HCI’s understanding of the productivity of the land and realistic long-term crop prices.

    HCI believes it can provide investors with top farmland investment managers who can provide you with their skills in negotiations, acquisitions, leasing, active management, financing, and dispositions of farmland.

    HCI is now, and always expects to be, active in the farmland leasing market. We are current with rental rates for farmland in different areas which should allow us to realize top rents on the land we manage. Our deep understanding of farming economics should always give us a position of strength when negotiating rents.